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Smart Solutions has launched a new service for Diia City


The company not only works under martial law, but also launched a new service – Support for Diia City – a line of work related to the support of operations for companies included in a special legal regime.

Gig contracts are a new form of relationship between legal entities and IT specialists. A business that becomes a resident of Diia City has to deal with their peculiarities. In today’s difficult conditions, there is little time left for this. Therefore, the demand for services for maintenance of activities unrelated to the main one has increased.

The goals of Support for IT are to free companies from all minor business operations. Thanks to this, the business gets the opportunity to concentrate on the creation of the product, without spending time on studying the specifics of the legislation, which confirms the relevance of the agency’s services.

Marina Chikalovets

Marina Chikalovets, Head of outsourcing service for IT Smart Solutions: “We have been developing the Support for IT direction for over four years. Despite the wartime, we continue to help clients conduct business. In order to be able to serve the residents of Diia City, our entire department underwent individual training at the Ministry of Digital Transformation. We understood the specifics of supporting gig contractors, salary payments, forming and conducting business in new conditions. Now the agency is ready to accompany and support all companies that have entered Diia City, to undertake the specialized management of gig performers, payroll, FOP support, and personnel documentation.

We would like to remind you that the company has experience we have over 12 years of experience in personnel support and salary calculation fop support for over 5 years

Smart Solutions continues to work so that you can calmly do business. Let’s restore Ukraine’s economy together!

27 july 2022