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How to choose an IT outsourcing company: 5 important factors

Have you decided to transfer the company’s IT department to full or partial outsourcing? Do you understand that it is time to automate your business, scale your company and optimize your costs? Then you should remember a few tips that will help you fully trust the company and get into the hands of a reliable partner.

TOP-5 factors that will help to choose a company that will help with IT system settings

Age of the outsourcer company, scale of business and reputation. A company with experience will definitely have a reputation. It can easily be tracked by the number of customers and their reviews.

Often IT outsourcing is one of the directions of a group of companies that specializes in outsourcing business processes both in Ukraine and abroad.

Guarantees and obligations. The contract between the parties must reflect all issues related to the provision of possible IT services. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) and a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) are mandatory.

Complexity of service provision. It-outsourcing is a rather large field of activity. It includes a huge number of services: from the supply of computer equipment and setting up its correct operation, IT audit, installation and maintenance of data protection systems, to full or partial provision of IT support by system administrators.

If the client company has a narrow specialization, this will lead to the fact that it will have to turn to different outsourcers for every question. One way or another, it will only bring you additional inconvenience.

It is better to immediately pay attention to a company that provides the entire list of services necessary for your business.

Modern tools: monitoring service and HelpDesk system. Monitoring service is a necessary technical tool of the outsourcer. It should work 24/7 and 365 days a year. Such a service takes over most of the routine work, leaving IT specialists time and energy to develop the customer’s infrastructure.

HelpDesk is an online engineering escalation and user notification system. The absence of this system deprives you of the opportunity to understand a clear picture of what is happening inside the company.

Also consider which incident reporting channels are available to you. Ideally, this should not only happen via email or the dispatcher. Both the client’s personal account and service chatbot systems should be involved, which provide great freedom in solving problems and efficiency.

Speed ​​of first contact. In the process of searching for an outsourcing company, you will have the opportunity to send a request for an initial consultation on the website of such a company. If the company gives you an answer within the first 24 hours, there is every chance to continue the dialogue with it in the future. If you do not receive an answer within the first day, it is better to stop communicating with such a company. Even after signing the contract, there are no guarantees that her reaction speed will increase afterwards.


Checklist of questions for an IT outsourcing company

As soon as you decide on potential service providers, you should invite them to a meeting. So they will have the opportunity to get to know your company and answer any questions. We have prepared a list of questions that should be asked to a representative of an IT systems outsourcing company:

  • How many technical personnel will be involved in servicing your company?
  • Will you have a manager responsible for working with the company?
  • What support time is provided, according to the contract?
  • How will you be able to find out the status of works based on open appeals?
  • How much support (onsite and remote) is included in the monthly price and how quickly is it provided?
  • How often will you receive a report on the work performed?
  • How will the outsourcer control and monitor the company’s systems?
  • What will be included in the list of services?

Why choose Smart Solutions

Today we considered the main factors that should be paid attention to when choosing an IT outsourcing company. As a business process outsourcer, Smart Solutions has been providing its services to Ukrainian and international companies since 2009. Our work guarantees:

  • Providing full or partial IT support
  • Complete construction of the customer’s IT infrastructure
  • We must sign a non-disclosure agreement and a service level agreement with each client
  • We provide round-the-clock monitoring of the client’s IT processes
  • We use the modern HelpDesk system, which allows us to create orders for goods and services through a system of customized Telegram and Viber chatbots

So don’t waste time and money, contact Smart Solutions for advice and IT support. Our company will provide the necessary assistance and be able to make your business stronger. Click the button below for a free consultation with a manager



08 may 2021